About Us

Nationwide Debt Direct works to ensure all our clients get out of debt one way or another. Millions of people are in debt. Creditors are calling left and right looking for their money. Some creditors will work with you. Most creditors are vicious. They use any tactic they can to get their money. They call night and day. Never giving someone a moment’s peace. Sometimes it can very overwhelming for our clients.

Sound familiar?

This is why you need to come and talk to us. We have assisted millions of clients around the world in getting out of debt. We can do the same for you. We offer many solutions. It all depends on the situation you are in. Our solutions are simple and aggressive at the same time.

We offer many of our clients a solution called “debt settlement”. It is an approach that is the least expensive and it does not require you to file for bankruptcy.

How do we help?

We do the dirty work. We will call your creditors and begin negotiations. We try to negotiate a settlement that is less than what is actually owed. You have one small part in all of this. All you do is work on paying off the debt by making one small payment each month. It does not matter how many creditors you have on your tail, you will have one small monthly payment. It works with your budget and what you can afford.

The money is paid out and applied in a way that slowly works down all the debt. Once everything is paid down, your file will be considered “settled in full”. You will get a letter from each of your creditors. This letter states that all your obligations have been settled and you owe nothing more.

Once this happens the phone calls will stop. They will have no reason to call or harass you. They will move on to someone else. Do you know this person they are calling next? Give their name to us and we can do the same for them. We understand that many of you are too emotionally involved to deal with your debt in a rational way. This is why you need us. We will remove emotions out of the equation and get your free.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a good thing. It gives everyone a good feeling inside. Why not give us the chance to help you achieve this goal? We have offices all over, including Hong Kong and Latin America. Debt is everywhere. It is going to find you. Why not find us first? This way we can derail the inevitable and get you back on the right track.

“Get them before they get you”

The NationWide Debit Direct Scholarship Program

It is simple. All you do is apply for as many scholarships as you can. Make sure they apply to you and your situation. You cannot just apply to any one you want. Erase the doubt in your mind. It does not matter if your grade point average is not a 4.0 something. Apply.

Send in the emails that confirm you applied. We do not care if you have been approved for them or not. Send them in a PDF attachment, copy and paste or resend the actual email. Next, write a letter as to why you think you deserve the money. Answer a few questions. Why do you need the money? What is your story? What do you intend to do with the money? Why is important for you to get out of debt. Why did you apply for the scholarships you did?

We will look over all the applicants. We will select one winner each year. This is not a popularity contest. Do not feel you need to outdo one another. Be honest with yourself and us. We will select a winner based on the heart of the matter. The money we award you can go to help pay down the debt you owe. Right now the award money is $500.

Click here for details on when to apply, the deadline, and when the winner will be selected.